Consistently leading the way in the latest sustainable, economical and “smart” technologies, whether designing master plans for campuses or entire regions, critical infrastructure, office buildings, labs or manufacturing plants.

Rendering of an urban park

Featured Water Solution: Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility


in client savings from design and delivery strategies


reduction in Agua Nueva's footprint with innovative design

Agua Nueva clarifier

Working hand-in-hand with Pima County Regional Water Reclamation Department, our integrated team of engineers, builders and operators delivered pioneering wastewater treatment solutions — setting a new standard for delivering critical infrastructure with the Agua Nueva Water Reclamation Facility.

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When it comes to designing investible infrastructure that addresses the big issues we face in the world—unprecedented urbanization, catastrophic climate threats and both human and natural resources constraints, there’s no partner more capable than us – after all, Engineering News-Record named us the No. 1 Firm on their Top 500 Design Firms list.

These big issues inspire us to go further to understand how multifaceted variables shape our future, ensuring that the solutions we design and deliver connect people and places with the means to work smarter and live better, while making a positive, enduring difference in the world.

Strategic Consulting

Asset management

Owners of all types of assets are continually under pressure to operate efficiently and cost effectively. We use strategic asset management to support the mission of an organization on matters ranging from asset management planning and program improvement, to technology solutions and condition assessments and technical communications. We enable owners to make cost, risk and performance decisions that optimize and sustain the performance and value of physical assets throughout their lifecycle.

Business and financial services

In response to a rapidly growing and mobile population, networks are continually challenged to provide efficient, affordable and sustainable solutions for the movement of people, goods and services. We help clients assess their performance and plan their future, then align their capabilities, processes and stakeholder relationships to attain their business goals. We help organizations define efficient program options, fund their selected programs and identify affordable, sustainable rate and fee programs that customers support. Working closely with our clients, we provide innovative solutions that yield economic, operational and environmental benefits when implemented.

Cities and places

With an understanding and passion for evolving technology, we are dedicated to creating and implementing places that are connected, inclusive, competitive, safe and resourceful. We work side-by-side with public authorities, partner companies and our communities to convert new and old challenges cities face into smart solutions that create vibrant, sustaining communities and a high quality of life. Our urban design and planning team articulates urban form, character and quality to create dynamic places for people. We are driven by a deep respect for natural systems and inspired by human constructs and the social interactions they influence. We see projects differently – through the lenses of environment, social and economic sustainability.

Commissioning and energy

Whether you have new or aging infrastructure, one building or an entire campus or portfolio, we provide the technical solutions to improve asset performance, enhance sustainability and achieve measurable return on investment through our commissioning, energy efficiency and renewable energy strategies. Our focus on reliability and cost effectiveness ensures the cost-effective support of your business or mission.  We drive social, environmental and economic performance to create more sustainable, successful and resilient public and private sector organizations.   

P3 transaction advisory

In response to the growing financial challenge of replacing and improving major infrastructure, we play a key role in working with governments and the private sector to develop alternative financing strategies, including P3 delivery. By developing robust business cases and assessing adequate risk transfer strategies, we help our clients secure the private funding necessary to deliver innovative, multi-billion dollar civil and social infrastructure projects.

Portfolio planning and real estate strategy

We use data and analytics to help our clients achieve their organizational goals and objectives through the Problem Seeking™ methodology. We work with corporate, institutional and municipal clients to match portfolio and facility needs to their key business drivers. The result is future proofing, right sizing, and optimization that is based on market demand, local context and global influences. Our process links strategy, real estate, facility assets and infrastructure with sustainable and resilient solutions. We listen to our clients and guide them through the decision-making process, leading to strategic business decisions.

Consulting Innovations & Insights

At Jacobs, we partner with clients to solve complex challenges overcoming change and disruption. It’s one thing for us to say it, and much better when our thought leaders are able to share their insights and experience. Browse through podcasts, publications, interviews and other stories for more.